PySol is an open source collection of computerized Solitaire/Patience games originally created by Markus Oberhumer, and now maintained as PySolFC - PySol Fan Club Edition on

History[edit | edit source]

Markus Oberhumer originally started PySol as an open-source and cross-platform collection of Solitaire games, under the GNU General Public License, reportedly based on a minimal sample Solitaire implementation that was written and has been made available as part of the Python programming language package. Oberhumer maintained the package up to version 4.82. See the PySol page for more information about its history.

Close to version 4.82, Oberhumer announced that he was working on a PySol 5.0, which aimed to convert to use wxWidgets and other improvements, but shortly afterwards the development of PySol stagnated. This resulted in a plethora of forks and unofficial versions that started from the 4.82 release, including "UltraSol", which eventually culminated into a version called PySol Fan Club Edition hosted on This version has featured many improvements, and now Mr. Oberhumer recommends using it instead of his version of PySol on

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Distributed under the open-source GNU General Public License.
  • Cross-platform: runs on Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX-like OSes (including Linux.
  • PySolFC contains support for more than a 1,000 Solitaire games - see the list on the site.
  • Supports moves undo/redo , bookmarks, save/load games, etc.
  • Uses numbered games - over 264. Games 1-32,000 are compatible with the Windows FreeCell.
  • Contains a Solitaire Wizard for creating more games.
  • Maintains statistics for a player's performance in the various variants.
  • Contains a hint system, with hints, a find card mechanism, a demo, and a solver powered by Freecell Solver.
  • Supports many public-domain or open-source card-sets of different sizes.
  • Supports Drag&Drop, Point-and-Click or Sticky-Mouse.
  • Supports sound effects and background music.
  • Supports several table backgrounds.
  • Has a comprehensive help system.

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