The Pokémon card game which was started in 1999 is a card game based on the Pokémon game and anime series. The first set was simply called 'Base Set' but it soon grew into something more.

The basic outline of the Pokémon cards (Not including energies and trainers, which have remained basically the same) from 'Base Set' to 'E-Expedition' was as follows.

In the top left corner it showed a small picture of the previous stage if it had one. Then at the top to the right it would say what the card evolves from... For example;

Stage 2 Evolves from Kadabra Put Alakazam on the stage 1 Pokemon

Then below that it would show in large bold letters the name of the card, followed by what type it was.

Below that it would show a picture of the Pokémon, followed by it's Poke-power (If any) and it's attacks. After that it showed their weakness, resistance and retreat cost. Then at the bottom it'd have a Pokedex entry followed by legal stuff, and then it would show the rarity of the card at the bottom right corner (A black circle being common, a black diamond being uncommon and a black star being rare. This is one of the few things that have been carried throughout the series.)

Each deck MUST HAVE exactly sixty cards. The game is won when your opponent;

  • Has no cards at the time of their next draw phase
  • Have their last Pokemon on the field knocked out
  • You get all of your prize cards (This is the main way people look for to win)

The usual deck has about one-third energy, one-third Pokemon and one-third trainers. Their are a variety of different cards to use.

EX Cards: These are tough Pokemon that usually deal a lot of damage and have high health. One of the thing that is hardest to get rid of.

Delta Species: A card that is a different type(or types) then what it usually is. For example, a Pikachu that is steel instead of electric.

Dark: These cards started with the old Team Rocket series but ended before the Hoenn series. Their were some cards that would allow people to be able to get them very easily.

Light: Light cards were produced sometime during when they were producing the Johto cards. They have more "good natured" attacks then anything else.