304 (pronounced three-nought-four) is a card game popular in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra in the Indian sub continent. The game is played by two teams of two using a subset (7 through Ace of all suits) of the 52 standard Playing cards.

The cards are dealt by the dealer to all four players in a clockwise manner each getting four cards in the first round. Then the player to the left of the dealer looks at his cards and picks out a trump and places it face down on the table. He then shouts out a score for his team to score. Then a member of the opposing team can pick their own trump, and must pick a score higher than that was named before for his team to score. When a score is agreed the rest of the cards are distributed and the game is started.

The game is played similar to the standard rules followed, where the players answer the suite played. But if they don't have the particular suite, then they can try to guess the trump and pass a face down trump to the player who has closed a trump card. If he guess it right then he gets the hand or else the game goes on.

Points are scored according to the points shown in the table. After all the hands are completed, if the team has scored the required score they win.

Card Values
Card Points
J 30
9 20
A 11
10 10
K 3
Q 2
8 0
7 0

The Point system is

J=3 9=2 A=1.1 10=1 K=0.3 Q=0.2 8=0 7=0

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Rules of the game - http://www.sujee.net/projects/card304/docs/304rules.txt

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